Umweltfestival 1978

Aufnahmen mit Infotext und Bilder vom Umweltfestival Juni/Juli 1978 Berlin

Aufnahmen und Info: Erwin Hartmann
Bilder von Ruth E. Westerwelle und Erwin Hartmann

Time for fun!

As all is coming back - atomic waste, Das Kapital and whatever else, so here come Die 3 Tornados! "Die 3 Tornados" who accompanied the 70ies political scene and movements like women's lib, social and ecological movements, the foundation of "die tageszeitung" with their anarchic humour, similar to G.Seyfried with his cartoons. So there was a always a bit 'Anarchy in Germoney' on stage in that times! Polit (not polite) Rock (Cabaret!) at it's best!

Die 3 Tornados 1978-Jun-04 1. Alternatives Umweltfestival auf dem Oktoberfestgelände, Jafféstraße, Nähe Funkturm, im großen Ausstellungszelt, Berlin, Germany (4.6.-16.7.1978)

TRAP 13 Lineage: 1st gen tape (BASF CrO2 SM 90) > NAD Deck 602 > azimuth alignement > Soundblaster PCI > Audacity 1.3.4 Beta (stereo,32 bit,44100 Hz) > wav > mono >flac

Other than usual this recording of mine(?) is incomplete, has a cut after nearly every song and, strange enough, it is packed on the end of a tape of a months later taped concert. I can only remember that I was on this Umweltfestival, also that I was standing behind in a filled tent (think I was late), and I think I was the one who recorded the bit what I have got. So it is a 1st gen and I don't know what happened to the master, perhaps I have deleted the recording to have a spare tape again.

I just picked my notice book from 1978 and it says that I was 2 times in Berlin, at the beginning and at the end of the festival. I know for certain, that the recording is of June. At the start of the festival I stayed longer there, but now I believe the 3 Tornados played in the late afternoon/evening of the first day after the bycicle-demo, on Sunday 4th! This came out in quality much better than I thought in my remembering. There is a a continuously sound that comes from a blower (for fresh air in the heat of the tent). I removed some micro-klicks, smoothed the cuts two times a bit, and increased the volume.

I couldn't find out all titles. So if anyone knows a missing title, please tell us. You can watch a part of this show there(!):

01_das_autobahnlied.mp3 02_das_wort_zum_sonntag.mp3 03_bonas_dias_argentina.mp3 04_st_tropez_twist.mp3 05_hinkelsteine.mp3 06_voellig_aus_dem_dreh_raus.mp3 07_schokoladenschlager.mp3 08_dr_mabuse.mp3 09_lied_vom_guten_kommunisten.mp3 10_tagesschau.mp3 11_wir_kommen_wieder.mp3 12_die_schwarzfahrversicherung.mp3 13_schwarzfahrershanty.mp3 14_der_kontaktbereichsbeamte.mp3

running time: 31:16

Die 3 Tornados (1977-1990) Günther Thews Arnulf Rating Hans-Jochen Krank (1977-81) Holger Klotzbach (1981-90)

Transfer March 2008 - upload on DIME in Nov 08 by trapper


Bonas Dias Argentina

Wort zum Sonntag

Erwin Hartmann